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Taking Care of Your Dog in the Winter

During the winter months, it’s common for humans to suffer from dry skin or chapped lips.

The reason: cold weather literally sucks the moisture out of us.

What you might not know is that dogs can suffer from many of the same winter ailments that humans do due to a lack of moisture in the air.

Why don’t we notice these types of issues?

Well…for the most part, the symptoms can be mild—yet still irritating to your dog.

Furthermore, dogs can’t talk. So, it’s unlikely that your pup is going to start up a conversation about his chapped paws.

As pet owners, it’s our job to look out for our dogs to ensure they don’t experience dry, itchy skin, cracked paws, and other cold-weather-related skin issues.

Keep reading to discover my natural solutions for helping to keep your dog hydrated and healthy this winter.
Increase your dog’s water intake by offering him chicken-or beef-based broths and, if your dog eats dry food, try soaking it overnight.

When your dog is dehydrated, his skin becomes one of the first organs to stop receiving water. Then, when the skin’s collagen is adequately hydrated, its starts to dry out, chap, and crack.

Why is this important?

Dogs naturally drink less water in the wintertime. After all, with cooler temperatures, your pup won’t feel the need to constantly lap up water to keep himself cool.

Of course, dehydration is an extreme reason for your dog to suffer with skin issues.

But, even a simple decrease in water intake can wreak havoc on your dog’s skin.

The solution: encourage your dog to drink more water by offering him chicken-or beef-flavored broths.

Broth can be created in several ways.

If you have beef bones or a chicken carcass on hand, simply boil them in a pot of water. Then, strain the broth to ensure you’ve gotten rid of dangerous objects like bones or cartilage in the broth before serving it to your pup.

A second option would be to use chicken-or beef-flavored bouillon cubes. You can find these at the grocery store and, they are very inexpensive.

All you do is drop the flavor cube into a pot of water and boil it until the cube is dissolved.

If you use this method, be sure to pick up sodium-free bouillon cubes as added salt can actually cause your dog to dehydrate even further.

With a little extra flavor, your dog will be much more willing to drink during the day.

Also, if your dog won’t drink the broth on his own, you can pour it over his food for a special treat.