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How to Park Your Dog

When you leave your dog tied outside, there are many dangers he could face. From dog napping to an altercation with another dog, your pup might not be safe left alone on the sidewalk. Dog Parker offers the perfect solution for modern dog parking with a climate-controlled dog house that you can easily rent while you’re away.

While inside, the only way to remove your dog from the box is to have the card that unlocks the door. Otherwise no one, and no dog, will be able to reach him and do him harm. Dog Parker can also come in handy to protect your dog from the elements in case a sudden rain or snow storm comes your way.

If you want to continue to walk your dog around the city without having to worry about his well-being, or you don’t take your dog outside because you’re afraid of the dangers of dog parking, a business like Dog Parker is for you. Neighborhood dog houses like these are starting to pop up in cities across the country, and they’re making dog parking simple and safe for the entire community.