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Alpha Dog Training, Salt Lake City goes beyond old training theories and beliefs.

Our customized programs utilize the latest research in behavior modification, working in connection with your dog’s and Puppy’s natural instincts, drives and breed characteristics.  We specialize in dog training and dog obedience training in Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden.

Enjoy the certainty of knowing that your pet is treated with care and respect through the use of training techniques that encourage and reward positive behavior.

Alpha Dog Training in Salt Lake City - UtahAlpha Dog Training, Salt Lake City is dedicated to improving the relationships between dogs and their owners. Our approach to dog training is based on the dog’s individual personality, past experiences, learning ability and social development along with the goals of the family.

With proper leadership, structure and consistency, these problems can be eliminated and replaced with dog obedience and desirable behaviors.

We pride ourselves on our ability to show your dog how to become a companion that you will want to keep and nurture for a lifetime.  Plus, we’ll show you the “why and how” of the training process to make sure your time is spent learning the proper ways to train your dog.

Alpha Dog Training firmly believes that the foundation of enjoying a quality relationship with your dog is built through communication; with the cornerstone being obedience training. These are the first steps used to open those channels and get the owner and dog working together.

We have found that different training goals are appropriate, given the life stage of the dog. Old dogs can actually learn new tricks. Our dogs, like us, have varied and unique personalities, so training is individualized to suit each dog and its owner’s expectations. The result is a happy, well-adjusted dog that understands what we want and feels more relaxed and confident because he or she, is understood.

Alpha Dog Training, Salt Lake City, FAQ’S:

“My dog or puppy barks all night! Can you help with excessive dog barking?”
Yes, we can train your dog or puppy to bark less. Dogs have varying instincts to bark, with some being more naturally quiet and others being noisier. However, all dogs can be taught to moderate their barking tendencies so that they can live side by side with humans.

“I’ve adopted a dog from the shelter, and he has a lot of problems. Can you help?”
Yes, we specialize in helping shelter dogs transition to a family environment.

“How much experience do you have with dog training?”
We have 20 years of experience training dogs and teaching behavior modification. We are an AKC Certified Good Citizen Evaluator. Whether you have a dog with a specific behavior problem or a puppy that needs full obedience and potty training, you’ll find that our trainers have the experience to work with your dog to bring out positive behavior. We’ll teach you these techniques so that you can enjoy the blessings of a well-behaved dog.

“Do you provide potty training for dogs?”
Yes, we’ll help your puppy get potty trained. Our potty training and house breaking training is guaranteed.

“Do you help with aggression?”
Yes, at Alpha Dog Training, your dog will be trained with behavior modification techniques to overcome aggressive tendencies. We can teach your dog proper socialization around other dogs and children, including learning how to properly greet other people and other dogs.

“Do you provide obedience training?”
Yes, obedient dogs are happy dogs. We offer one-on-one obedience training sessions with your dog, including guaranteed potty training and house breaking. Our positive reinforcement model will help you build a happy relationship with your dog.

“Do you do at-home dog training?”
Yes, dogs will learn best in their home environment, and we offer at-home dog training throughout the greater Salt Lake City area, from Ogden to Provo.

“What is your dog training philosophy?”
At Alpha Dog Training, we believe that positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. We use state-of-the-art, positive reinforcement methods and always show respect and caring for your dog.

Have you ever been told that old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Or maybe your puppy’s breed is known for barking or chewing problems. Contact us and we will perform a dog training consultation and tell you what we can do for you.

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Alpha Dog Training is dedicated to improving the relationships between dogs and their owners. Our approach to dog training is based on the dog’s individual personality, past experiences, learning ability and social development along with the goals of the family.


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