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Alpha Dog Training Of Utah Service Area

"Utah's Premier Dog Training Service."

Serving Utah For More Than 20 Years!

We cover the following areas in Utah:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Salt Lake County, Utah

  • Provo, Utah

  • Ogden, Utah

Or Call Us: (801) 910-1700
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The Services Alpha Dog Training Offer:


  • Specializing in Puppy and Dog Training

  • Dog Obedience Training

  • Puppy and Dog Consultations

  • Pupppy and Dog  Socialization Training

  • Aggressive Dog Training

  • Service Dog Training

  • Puppy and Dog Training Classes

We're Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Based in Salt Lake City, our dog training service throughout Utah gives you the ideal opportunity to get the very best from your dog. You may need dog training in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden or other locations around Utah. The good news is that we’re able to help you and your dog.

With the option of in-home training, your dog will remain comfortable throughout the process, and we’ll only use positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog modify its behavior.

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Dogs with Dog Walker

Complex Behavioral Issues

Training a dog isn’t always straight forward, and we understand that many owners will struggle to get the results they want. Dog owners in Salt Lake City, Provo or Ogden will agree that it takes time and dedication to train a dog fully by yourself, which is why we recommend using our professional dog training service to succeed.

From puppy problems like potty training to more complex behavioral issues including aggression and separation anxiety, our primary concern is to understand the situation your dog is currently in. We will take account of their age and background, and we’ll develop a custom training program to move them toward the goals you define.

Dog trainers in Utah may often adopt a uniform approach to training, but no two dogs are alike, and no two owners have exactly the same expectations. It is by taking account of this that we are able to train your dog just how you want them to be.

Finding a Dog Trainer You Can Trust

Finding a local dog trainer in Utah who you can trust is a priority for dog owners in and around Salt Lake City. You don’t want to have to travel far to meet with a dog trainer, but you do want an expert in dog training Utah residents can trust.

We’re not just dog trainers, we are dog owners too, and our dogs are members of our family. We know that many people feel the same way, and that is why trust is so important to us. You can rest assured that every time we work to train your dog, your pet will be in the safest of hands.

If you want to know more about the issues we can help resolve, please check the Services and FAQ pages of this site. Alternatively, please get in touch today to find out more about Alpha Dog Training of Utah.


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