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Our Testimonials

Alpha Dog Training of Utah

Why do dog owners provide testimonials for dog training in Utah? 

It’s simply because we’ve made a difference in their lives.

Every dog has a story, and every dog has a family. Sometimes that story is short as the dog is just a puppy, and good training will set both the dog and their family up for a happy life. In other instances, the dog may be older, and has perhaps developed behavioral issues over a number of years. Alpha Dog Training of Utah can help in either case, ensuring that you always get the very best from your dog.

From potty training puppies to helping older dogs who have more complex issues to contend with, we help your dog with positive reinforcement, creating a well-rounded result for everyone.



Where We Train


We train dogs from locations in and around Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo and locations throughout Utah.  There are many dogs in these areas who have room to develop and grow, and many owners who are ready for their dog’s behavior to improve.

Alpha Dog Training makes these changes a reality, and sometimes owners are amazed at the results that can be achieved. Giving Alpha Dog Training a written or video testimonial is their way of saying “thanks," and we at Alpha Dog Training appreciate the kind words!

Dog Walker at the Park

"Koda Has Become The Dog Of Our Dreams!"


My family owns a 16 week old Siberian Husky puppy.  Actually, it is supposed to be my daughter’s dog.  Ashley turns 21 next week and always wanted a dog.  So she decided she wanted a Siberian.  I don’t think Ashley really knew all the ramifications of bringing up a puppy.  We also have a Lhasa Apso but he was trained by my husband, not Ashley.  Our new puppy, Koda, started biting Ashley’s hands and feet and being real aggressive.  We tried to stop the biting and other issues with no luck.  We hired Alpha Dog Training.

Alpha came over and explained a few things.  First, they said Koda was still teething and that the only way for the puppy to deal with the pain was to chew things.  But he said that didn’t mean that the dog could chew on Ashley.  They  said that by biting Ashley the dog was learning how to get attention from her. They explained the new technology of dog training.  Alpha told us that Mother Nature dictates that “all dogs were placed on earth to get attention” and that the dog doesn’t care whether it’s positive or negative attention.  So it turns out that Ashley, by yelling and pushing the dog away, was giving the dog exactly what it wanted… attention!

Alpha taught Ashley and our family how to properly give the dog attention.  Koda has become the dog of our dreams.  And Ashley has learned how to communicate with Koda in dog language – it’s totally amazing! We’ve learned how to stop Koda from jumping up, barking at the door, biting and knocking over the grandkids. Great job Alpha Dog Training!

Patty Amodore, Salt Lake City.

"Michael Eglash"



Have you experienced the difference that Alpha Dog Training has had on your dog? Perhaps you’d like to send us a testimonial too! Please get in touch and let us know.

If you haven’t already had your dog trained by us, now is the time to get started. Remember, we train dogs of all ages, and even old dogs can be taught new tricks. We can work with your dog to improve any behavioral issues you may be facing, and your dog will be happier for it.

Dog training in Utah is the right choice to ensure your ongoing happiness and safety, ensuring that your dog obeys the commands you give and acts in the way you want them to. We are always enthusiastic about training dogs in Utah, and your dog can be next.

All breeds are welcome, all ages are welcome, and all behavioral issues can be retrained. We are here to support you and your dog, and we hope you are the next family to send us a testimonial.


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