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Michael Eglash Testimonial

"Koda Has Become The Dog Of Our Dreams!"

My family owns a 16 week old Siberian Husky puppy.  Actually, it is supposed to be my daughter’s dog.  Ashley turns 21 next week and always wanted a dog.  So she decided she wanted a Siberian.  I don’t think Ashley really knew all the ramifications of bringing up a puppy.  We also have a Lhasa Apso but he was trained by my husband, not Ashley.  Our new puppy, Koda, started biting Ashley’s hands and feet and being real aggressive.  We tried to stop the biting and other issues with no luck.  We hired Alpha Dog Training.

Alpha came over and explained a few things.  First, they said Koda was still teething and that the only way for the puppy to deal with the pain was to chew things.  But he said that didn’t mean that the dog could chew on Ashley.  They  said that by biting Ashley the dog was learning how to get attention from her. They explained the new technology of dog training.  Alpha told us that Mother Nature dictates that “all dogs were placed on earth to get attention” and that the dog doesn’t care whether it’s positive or negative attention.  So it turns out that Ashley, by yelling and pushing the dog away, was giving the dog exactly what it wanted… attention!

Alpha taught Ashley and our family how to properly give the dog attention.  Koda has become the dog of our dreams.  And Ashley has learned how to communicate with Koda in dog language – it’s totally amazing! We’ve learned how to stop Koda from jumping up, barking at the door, biting and knocking over the grandkids. Great job Alpha Dog Training!

Patty Amodore, Salt Lake City.

"In A Few Sessions Nicky Was Back To Being a Wonderful Dog!"

I have a Cocker Spaniel mix that was really giving us fits.  She would bark like crazy and attack people at the front door.  Nicky is 3 years old and had been doing this since about a year ago.  Up until then Nicky was a pretty good dog.  We adopted her from the Humane Society when she was 1 year old and she seemed to be doing well.  She had no potty issues, knew some tricks and had no problems to speak of.  Nicky got along just fine with our kids, ages 3 and 5.  Then at about age 2 Nicky started showing signs of aggression.  She would pull on the leash and try to attack other dogs.  She also started to mouth and nip the kids.  This was absolutely unacceptable.  We called Alpha Dog Training.

In a few sessions, Nicky was back to being a wonderful dog.  Alpha taught us that Nicky began “testing” us to see where the leader in the pack was.  When she didn’t see leadership she began trying to take over and be the top dog.  She began assuming the responsibilities of a leader (including protecting the pack.)

Alpha Dog Training taught us how to show Nicky that she didn’t have to be a leader, that really stressed her out, and that she could simply be a “follower-dog.”

Alpha Dog Training helped Nicky become calm, subdued and a fantastic dog. They also taught her the exercises for the Canine Good Citizen Award (CGC). She graduated last month!  Thanks to Alpha Dog Training for all your help!

Marty Pizaro, Sandy, Utah

"We Were Amazed!"

“Junior” is a 7 month-old male Rottweiler.  He’s amazingly tranquil for a Rottie but he does have a few issues.  Junior has a penchant for chewing up his leather leash.  He growls at me when I try to take it out of his mouth.  We’ve purchased three of these leashes and at $35.00 each it’s getting quite expensive.  Not only that but Junior likes to jump up and beg at the table.  He also likes to scarf up all the bits of food that drop from our grand child’s high chair.

Junior has also started to show a little aggression when we try to correct him for doing these things.  Since I’m 55 and my husband is 65, we don’t have the strength to discipline him.  We do like Junior because he’s a wonderful watchdog.  But I think Junior is learning that he’s a big boy and can get away with doing these bad behaviours.  Before it got really out of hand, we contacted Alpha Dog Training.

A few minutes after they arrived Junior became totally under control.  I guess Alpha showed Junior that he didn’t have to be out of control.  Junior sat and downed immediately right after the trainer walked in the door.  We were amazed!  Alpha corrected Junior’s chewing problem by using all the new technologies of dog training.  They used positive reinforcement all the time.  This was very important because Junior could become aggressive if he wasn’t handled right.

Junior’s Owners

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